A Clean Slate

writing pic

Don’t you love pulling out a fresh, crisp piece of paper? It’s completely blank and waiting for you to fill it with the amazing thoughts, ideas, and feelings that are coursing through your mind.

A blog is a little different–I can’t touch it or hold it. But I also can’t lose it, tear it, or crumple it. This is the first post in my new shiny blog, and I can do anything I want with it! It’s a clean slate, a new beginning.

So, what prompted me to start a new blog? A new phase in my writing. My novel, Devil’s Playground, has been accepted for publication (Yay!!!) and as such I want to connect with others in a way I haven’t before.

For starters, I will be featuring 2 books a month on my site. I will read a new release and post a review within a week (2 weeks at the most) from its release date. This could depend on whether I have a review copy before release date, how long the book is, etc. In addition to what I liked/didn’t like about the book, I will include an indication of the level of swearing/vulgarity, violence, and sexual situations in the novel. Different people have different preferences in these areas, and I think it only fair that they know what to expect in these areas before opening the book. I plan on reading a wide variety of books from middle grade to Adult (Though no erotica).

This is a blog that is intended for everyone–and will include everything. In addition to book reviews, you’ll get to know me as an author, as well as a mother, a friend, and a human being.

And if you’ll be a part of it, I’d love to embark on this journey together. I’d love to see your comments on the posts (and I’ll respond). I’d love for you to request new releases for me to review. I’d love to know what topics interest you and that you’d like me to discuss.

So i hope to see you back on Monday for my first book review. I will be reviewing LS Hawker’s new release, The Drowning Game. If you haven’t read it yet, i suggest stopping by and checking it out!