Review: The Light Between Us

I have never believed in psychics, or known much about them and their way of life, so this was a really interesting read for me.

The light between us

For readers of Proof of Heaven, the astonishing story of a woman with an extraordinary psychic gift—and a powerful message from the Other Side that can help us to live more beautifully in the here and now.

Laura Lynne Jackson is a wife, a mother, a high school English teacher—and a psychic medium. Where most believe an impenetrable wall divides the world between the living and the dead, Jackson sees bright, brilliant cords of light that pass through a barrier as thin as a sheet of paper. Her gifts tested and verified by some of the most prominent scientific organizations studying paranormal phenomena, Jackson has dedicated her life to exploring our connection to the Other Side, conversing with departed loved ones, and helping people come to terms with loss. In The Light Between Us, she shares her remarkable journey and the lessons in love she’s learned along the way.

Jackson is just a child when she first realizes she is different from her peers. She has tremendous empathy and often finds herself overcome by the emotions of those around her. She has premonitions about friends and family members that leave her feeling helpless, sad, and confused. She confides in her mother—and learns that the gift runs in the family.

For twenty years Jackson leads a double life. By day, she teaches literature to Long Island high school students. At night, in private, she conducts readings that connect people with loved ones who have passed and imparts information with shocking accuracy and insight. And then one day, her two worlds become one and she comes to fully embrace her gift and her purpose.

Jackson writes with clarity and grace, using her unique perspective to address the eternal questions that vex us all: Why are we here? What happens when we die? How do we find our true path in this life? Here too are deeply affecting accounts of ordinary people reunited with their departed friends and family members—true stories of forgiveness and reconciliation that transcend the barrier between life and death.

The Light Between Us provides guideposts for living a rich and fulfilling life. In her beautiful worldview, Laura Lynne Jackson reminds us that our relationship to those we love endures across space and time; that we are all connected and invested in one another’s lives; and that we are here to give and receive love selflessly. Her story offers a new understanding of the vast reach of our consciousness and enlarges our view of the human experience.

Length: 288 Pages

Publisher: Spiegel & Grau

Release Date: October 27, 2015

About the Author

Laura Lynne Jackson is a high school English teacher and psychic medium who has been certified by the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential and the Forever Family Foundation. She lives on Long Island with her husband and their three children. This is her first book.


Whether you believe in the supernatural or you are a skeptic, this is a book that is worth reading.

Strengths: The first thing I noticed when reading The Light Between Us, was Laura Lynn Jackson’s honesty. She tells you outright that she does not have a crystal ball and she doesn’t read tarot cards.  Basically, she is not the stereotypical psychic. In fact, she spent years fighting against her abilities. She comes across as sincere and doesn’t seem much different than someone I might work with or have as a friend. And for me, that was a definite plus.

And there were certainly times when it seemed a bit far out there. But there were many more times when I found myself thinking…what if? What if what she is telling us is true? Think of what that would mean!

Most, if not all, of her stories consisted of family members reaching through from the Other Side to comfort those they left behind. Some would ask for forgiveness, some were there simply to let their loved ones know that they weren’t truly gone and would stay by their side. A couple her stories were so touching that I found myself crying, and books don’t generally make me cry. Cartoons, yes. Books, no.

My final thought on the strengths of this book, is that I loved how Mrs. Jackson tied it in at the end of each section. She would end it with something like, you don’t need a psychic to forgive or receive forgiveness from those who have passed on. They are here and you have access to their love, always.


Many of the stories are very similar in theme. It would have been nice to have either a little more variety in the types of stories shared, or maybe the book didn’t need to be as long as it was.

Overall Review:

The Light Between Us was a very interesting read for me on a subject I was not very familiar. The stories shared touched me deeply, and although I don’t know yet if I believe in psychic mediums and their abilities, the stories provided lessons we can all apply to our lives to improve our relationships with others.

I have rated this book 4 out of 5 stars.


There was no offensive language, violence, or sexual content in this book.


The Light Between Us is available in hardback, paperback, and digitally. You can order it on Amazon here.