Cover Reveal: Devil’s Playground


I am SO excited to be able to share this cover reveal with you…mostly because, it’s mine! Devil’s Playground is YA Historical Fantasy and will be released in the not-so-distant future (Publisher is working on a release date as we speak!)



Sixteen-year-old Elizabeth Winters may be a witch, but she doesn’t know the first thing about magic.

Her father, a wizard himself, has forbidden the use of her powers for her own protection. But when accusations of witchcraft start flying through Salem Village, Elizabeth wishes she was more prepared.

Despite her lack of magical knowledge, Elizabeth appoints herself to save innocent women from the untimely demise the village has in store for them. Elizabeth finds, however, that she is not the hero Salem needs her to be. When Elizabeth is betrayed by someone she trusts, she loses control of her emotions and unintentionally curses the village with the ten plagues of Egypt. Now, Elizabeth must figure out how to break the curse before the morning of the tenth plague—the plague of death. If she fails, Salem will cease to exist.

About the Author


Heather Eagar (That’s Me!) currently resides in Logan, Utah where she strives to balance her love of writing with raising a husband and two kids. Her short story, The Quake, was recently published in the Wells Street Journal, a publication distributed by the University of Westminster. Heather is also a book reviewer and you can find reviews for Middle-grade fiction through Adult novels on her website. (You’re already here, good job!)

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