Friday Fun with Heather Eager

A fun interview on 10 random subjects by Joselyn Vaughn!

Joselyn Vaughn

Friday Fun…

10 Questions with Heather Eager

  1. Tropical island or cabin in the woods: Cabin in the Woods. I love hiking and exploring in the mountains. It’s so peaceful and relaxing.
  2. Coffee or tea: I’m going to sound super boring, but I’ve started trying to get back into shape so it’s just water for me right now!
  3. Superman or Batman: Batman all the way. I don’t really go for the pretty boy look of Superman, and I love all the gadgets Batman has.
  4. Cooking dinner or washing dishes: Cooking dinner. We don’t have a dishwasher and old leftover food on dishes is super gross!
  5. Once Upon a Time or Walking Dead: Out of those two…Once Upon A Time. I’ve actually never seen Walking Dead. And only the first couple seasons of Once Upon A Time. But it’s cute and an interesting twist on old stories.
  6. Snow day or spring break:…

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