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Whether or not you are an Outlander fan, you will want to read this review.

Finding Frasier


On the cusp of thirty, Emma Sheridan is desperately in need of a change. After a string of failed relationships, she can admit that no man has ever lived up to her idea of perfection: the Scottish fictional star of romantic fantasies the world over—James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.

Her ideal man might be ripped from the pages of a book, but Emma hopes that by making one life-altering decision she might be able to turn fiction into fact. After selling all her worldly possessions, Emma takes off for Scotland with nothing but her burgeoning travel blog to confide in.

But as she scours the country’s rolling green hills and crumbling castles, Emma discovers that in searching for her own Jamie Fraser, she just might find herself.

Length: 368 Pages

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: May 3, 2016

About the Author

kc dyer likes to walk in the woods and write books. Her most recent work is Facing Fire, a sequel to the acclaimed novel, A Walk Through a Window


I must make a confession. I have never read Outlander. I know I know, and I am reviewing a book where the whole premise is a girl who goes searching for her own personal version of the main character of the Outlander series. But honestly, I was curious. I wanted to know if I could still read, and enjoy, Finding Fraser without any previous background information. Would I still receive all the info needed to understand the story?

And I am happy to report that YES, you can reading Finding Fraser without ever cracking open Outlander. I didn’t feel I missed anything by reading one without the other. Of course, you may want go back and read it after going on this journey with Emma, but that is an entirely different matter.

The first thing I want to say about Finding Fraser is that I found the main character, humor absolutely delightful. Emma is funny and witty, albeit in a somewhat pathetic way, but she kept normally dull situations light-hearted and entertaining. I enjoyed most of the characters in this book. I have to say I love Emma’s sister. We don’t see much of her in the story. She shows up once in a while, usually to tell Emma how appalled she is at everything Emma does. She is overbearing and has no sense of adventure, but she adds a wonderful element to the story.

But as much as I enjoyed the writing style and the various characters, I found the story itself to be a bit slow and predictable. There also seemed to be a lot of people showing up conveniently all over Scotland at just the right (or wrong) time, and it happened enough that it made me raise an eyebrow. If you are looking for an easy read, this is a good choice. But it won’t be for everyone. Would I have enjoyed the story more if I were an Outlander fan to begin with? Maybe. I guess we’ll never know.

Content (0 being none and 5 being A LOT)

Language: 2

An occasional swear word, including a couple uses of the F-word

Sexual: 3

Quite a few references to sex, and a couple near-sexual encounters

Violence: 0



Finding Fraser is available digitally, as well as in paperback and audio CD. You can click on the image below to purchase it or get more information.

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