Review: Endgame



When Harvey Keill, ex-manager of the Ladykillers, arranges a reunion for his notorious punk band on a remote island off the coast of Seattle, it seems as though the group’s glory days are about to return.

One by one, the band members and their guests arrive. Lead singer Spike Anthrax, bassist Pete Doghouse, and guitarist Max Hardcore confront one another for the first time since their well-publicized and highly acrimonious split fifteen years earlier stopped them from finishing their musical testament to punk rock genius: Endgame. They are joined by an entourage of groupies, girlfriends, one of America’s best rock critics, and a real estate agent invited to put the island up for sale.

But where’s Harvey?

No matter — a party’s a party, right? Wrong. Once everyone has gathered, a dark secret emerges from the past to haunt them and, one by one, the guests begin to fall prey to a mysterious fate.

Length: 232 Pages

Publisher: DunDurn

Release Date: March 22, 2016


Jeffrey Round is the author of nine novels, including the Lambda Award–winning Lake on the Mountain, and a poetry collection, In the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci. His first two books, A Cage of Bones and The P-town Murders, were listed on AfterElton’s Top 50 Greatest Gay Books. He is a founding member of the Naked Heart Festival of Words and lives in Toronto.


Here is a rule you should live by. If you think it’s a good idea to re-make any novel by Agatha Christie, just stop. Don’t go there. Agatha Christie was pure genius because she did what no one else had done before. Her novels were original, suspenseful, and classic. To take one of her most well-known novels, And Then There Were None (and one of my all time favorites), and decide you are going to piggy-back off her amazingness, is a huge mistake.

Jeffrey Round took this classic suspense novel, changed up the characters into a has-been punk band, stranded them in a mansion on an island, and made a wanna-be novel. I was bored, and quite frankly, annoyed. I didn’t like, or care, about the characters. And without an original plot, there were no redeeming qualities. I hate being so harsh, but I feel I have to call it like I see it.

So, just a recap. If you are going to write a novel, please be original, and for the love of everything holy, stay away from Agatha Christie!

2 out of 5 Stars


Endgame is available digitally and in paperback. You can purchase it or learn more by clicking the image below.



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