Review: These Great Affects



What do you do when you fall in love too late? That’s what happens to fifteen-year-old Adelle Hitchens in this emotionally-charged YA novel. She and Trill Vikus take an almost instant liking to each other, love is about to blossom, and chances are about to be taken. But when Trill dies in a freak accident, Adelle is forced to believe that love just isn’t for her. Until Trill comes back as a ghost, and thinking they’ve been given a second chance with each other, they fall in love, even though they know there’s no way things can turn out they way they so desperately want.

Length: 251 Pages

Publisher: Endever Publishing Studios

Release Date: November 6, 2016


These Great Affects was an enjoyable read that takes you through the most tragic love possible. Adelle, age 15, meets a boy she instantly likes…only to have him die in a freak accident the next time they are together. To her horror (at first), he comes back as a ghost who is tied to her through some unfinished business. Their love grows and blossoms after he is dead, but it is of course doomed. I mean, hello, he’s dead.

I have to admit that I didn’t love Adelle at first, she seemed pretty generic to me,and though she is 15, she seems older to me.  But Trill (the love interest), is introduced quickly enough, that it didn’t really matter. I instantly liked him. He is smart, funny, and goes against the grain of everything he is “supposed” to be. Which makes the story that much more tragic.

Adelle has friends that are supposedly her best friends, but I never felt a connection with them, and didn’t feel Adelle’s connection to them. I also felt the ending was left a bit unresolved, and I didn’t quite get enough closure.

All in all it was a fun read and I am giving it 4 stars.

If you would like to learn more about Andrew Toy, an author interview is available HERE


These Great Affects is available digitally. You can purchase it or learn more by clicking the image below.

Happy Reading!!!


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