Review: Graven Idols (Order and Chaos #2)



Once Palmer Tash and Brier Chastain found out they were the incarnations of Order and Chaos, their lives were turned upside down. Living in a battle-scarred area, they begin to feel that their blessings are more like curses.

Reports of cults taking over the countryside begin to filter into their starving city. But Brier is slowly losing her mind, and Palmer’s abilities are becoming increasingly erratic. The pair must work together to maintain harmony, or their out-of-balance powers could destroy the world.

Length: 223 Pages

Publisher: Red Adept Publishing

Release Date: Sept. 7, 2016


Jessica Dall

Jessica Dall finished her first novel at the age of fifteen and has been hooked on writing ever since. In the past few years, she has published two novels, The Copper Witch and The Porcelain Child, along with a number of short stories that have appeared in both magazines and anthologies. In college, Jessica interned at a publishing house, where her “writing hobby” slowly turned into a variety of writing careers. She currently works as both as an editor and creative writing teacher in Washington, DC. When not busy editing, writing, or teaching, Jessica enjoys crafting and piano, and spending time with her friends and family. She can most often be found at her home in Maryland with a notebook and her much-loved, sometimes-neglected husband.


I was really excited to read Graven Idols because I LOVED the first book in the Order and Chaos series, Raining Embers. (Read the review HEREGraven Idols picks up the story right where it left off, so you’ll want to make sure to read the books in order. It took a little bit for my memory to catch up with me as I was reading, but Jessica Dall does a good job helping me realize where we are in the story.

Although this was certainly a fun read, I didn’t feel nearly as connected with the characters as I did in the first book. I felt they were pretty one-dimensional, vague, and left me wanting more. The plot was entertaining enough, but seemed like a lot of what already occurred in the first book was happening all over again, just a different setting. I was hoping for more originality to help develop both the characters and the story.

A moment of honest: It takes a lot for me to really enjoy a series beyond the first book. So, maybe I’m just hard to please.

That being said, I love Jessica Dall’s writing style and am giving Graven Images 4 out of 5 Stars.

CONTENT (0 being none and 5 being A LOT)

Violence: 2

Quite a bit of fighting, but most of it is fantastical and not very graphic

Language: 1

A couple curse words, but nothing big

Sexual: 2

References to sex and innuendos sprinkled throughout, but nothing graphic


Graven Images is available both digitally and in paperback. Click on the image below to purchase it or read other reviews.

Happy Reading!!!


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