Review: Any Boy But You



Elena Chestnut has been chatting with an anonymous boy late into the night. It’s a very You’ve Got Mail situation, and she has no idea who he is. Hecan’t be Oliver Prince, hot-and-bashful son of the family running the rival sporting goods store. Their fancy sales strategies are driving Elena’s family out of business. Elena’s mystery boy has teamed up with her in their latest sales strategy, an augmented reality game, to help her win the grand-prize plane tickets. Money’s so tight Elena’s going to miss senior year spring break with her friends if she can’t win this game.

The girl Oliver’s fallen head-over-heels for online had better not be Elena Chestnut. She’s his angry, vindictive Latin tutor, the daughter of his dad’s business rival, and the one girl he’d never even think of kissing. She’s definitely not his online crush, because that girl is funny, sweet, and perfect.

When Oliver asks to reveal their names at the Valentine’s Day dance, their IRL relationship will either ruin what they have online, or they’ll discover just how thin the line between love and hate really is.

Pages: 201 Pages

Publisher: Entangled Teen

Release Date: February 6, 2017

About the Author


Julie Hammerle is the author of THE SOUND OF US (Entangled TEEN, 2016). Before settling down to write “for real,” she studied opera, taught Latin, and held her real estate license for one hot minute. Currently, she writes about TV on her blog Hammervision, ropes people into conversations about Game of Thrones, and makes excuses to avoid the gym. Her favorite YA-centric TV shows include 90210 (original spice), Felicity, and Freaks and Geeks. Her music playlist reads like a 1997 Lilith Fair set list.

She lives in Chicago with her husband, two kids, and a dog. They named the dog Indiana.


I really wanted to like this book. And I did. But not as much as I was hoping. The writing itself wasn’t too blame. Julie Hammerle is able to pull you in and keep you there with her talent for setting up awkward scenes. It was a cute story and for those fans of You’ve Got Mail, it may be just what you are looking for.

But I wasn’t looking to read a teen version of You’ve got Mail mixed with a dash of Gilmore Girls. I wanted original. In most romantic comedies you know who the girl is going to end up with from the very beginning. It’s a given. But you are there for the journey. You want to know how they are going to end up together. I didn’t feel I was given that. It followed an already scripted story with a few differences (ex: Minnesota instead of New York, Sports stores instead of Bookstores, etc.)

I also didn’t connect to the main character, Elena, as much as I would have liked. She was nice with everyone but Oliver, and with him she was flat out mean. Overly so. To where you are pitying him. I liked Oliver, a lot. But then I was only able to root for one of them, which kinda sucked.

So, all in all I am going to have to give it 3 out of 5 Stars.

Content (0 being none and 5 being A LOT)

Language: 4

Not a ton of language, but when there was, it was usually the F-word. It didn’t match the tone of the book.

Sexual: 1

Sexual innuendos, but nothing big.

Violence: 0

No violence


Any Boy But You is available both digitally and in paperback. To purchase it or read more reviews, click on the image below.

Happy Reading!!!


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