Review: Path to Old Talbot

portrait of Victorian woman in formal garden

For all you fans of historical fantasy!


Thirteen-year-old Charity can escape her unpleasant reality by stepping through the parlor closet of her mother’s new home, a mansion built in the 1800’s.
In her hometown of Talbot, New York, in the year 1880, she doesn’t have to worry about her depressed father skipping his medications or her mother flirting with her coworker. Instead, she gets to know the hatter’s son, who shows her a lifestyle of manners and pride. Few have ever accepted Charity’s old-fashioned ways…until now.
However, old Talbot can’t banish the present. Charity can stay in the mansion, with access to the hatter’s son in the past, and the prospect of a steady family unit with her mother and the new man in her mother’s life, or she can go back to her father, who has been given the option to straighten out his life and join them in their new home. Instead, his world unravels, and he spirals into violence and self-harm.
Torn between two worlds, Charity knows that if she doesn’t help him, she may lose him forever if he follows through on his threats of self-destruction.

Length: 202 Pages

Publisher: CHBB Publishing

Release Date: March 22, 2017


Author Photo

Jordan Elizabeth is known for her odd sense of humor and her outrageous outfits.  Surrounded by bookshelves, she can often be found pounding away at her keyboard – she’s known for breaking keyboards, too.  Jordan’s young adult novels include ESCAPE FROM WITCHWOOD HOLLOW, COGLING, TREASURE DARKLY, GOAT CHILDREN, and VICTORIAN.  PATH TO OLD TALBOT is her third novel with CHBB.  Check out her website for bonus scenes and contests.


If you are a fan of historical fantasy, you may enjoy Path to Old Talbot. I’m sure every history buff wishes they had a door to the past they could walk through anytime they wanted. For Charity, this isn’t just a wish, but a reality. And for her, an afternoon in the simplicity of the past helps her to escape the emotional turmoil of modern life. I know I wish I had someplace simpler to escape from time to time (oh wait, I’m a writer. I guess I do! Or does being a writer make things more complicated…hmm…)

I found the story entertaining and enjoyable, but I wasn’t able to connect with the characters. I didn’t feel Charity grew at all through the book, even with having a father with mental illness. Not only that, but both she and her mom would say they desperately wanted a relationship with her father again, but their actions didn’t match up. Most of the time they acted like they wanted someone else to take his place. So, there wasn’t really anyone to cheer for.

The plot was mediocre with some interesting spots, but it wasn’t always believable and was quite slow most of the time.

Similarly, the writing was fine, but it didn’t draw me in like I was hoping. Overall, I’m giving it 3 out of 5 Stars.

As far as content, it is completely clean–nothing to worry about with your teenagers.


Path to Old Talbot is available both digitally and in paperback. Click on the following image to read more reviews and/or to purchase it.


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