Interview: T.K. Rapp

The Upside of Regret

Join me in welcoming T.K. Rapp as she tells us more about herself and her recent release of The Upside of Regret. I’m totally in love with this cover!

Q: To begin with, can you tell me a little bit about your background before you became a published author?

I graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Journalism. Soon after graduation, I got married and then moved to California with my husband who was in the Navy. It was about a year later that I started working remotely with my mom editing photographs and maintaining our website. When I moved back to Texas I was a photographer and photo editor for years.

Q: Have you always known you wanted to be an author? If not, when did you begin writing, and why?

I always lived in my own head. I remember that to make myself fall asleep when I was growing up, I’d create a story and put myself in it. I’d create the perfect boyfriend, the perfect life, the perfect body and hope to continue it in a dream. That rarely happened. Hahaha. When my husband was in the Navy, there was a story I wanted to write, so I’d write and then password protect it so no one would find it. I was so embarrassed at the idea that I thought I could write a story. But when I turned 35, I told my husband I wanted to write. It was the first time I’d voiced that to anyone, but myself, and when he didn’t laugh or discourage me, I went all in. He and my girls have been so supportive.

Q: I’ve just started reading your novel, The Upside of Regret. Can you tell us about the novel and what inspired you to write it?

I felt compelled to write this based on numerous conversations I’ve had with my girls. Finding Laila was the same way. My girls and I are very close and have open discussions about pretty much anything. Yet I still worry my advice goes in one ear and out the other because I’m only “mom.” So I’ve written as a way to share with my girls situations they might find themselves in and how they might be able to handle it. This one is different for me because it’s much more personal. It deals, very distantly, with a very real truth I’ve faced in my own life.

Q: You are a mom of two kiddos. How do you balance your writing with your family life?t.k. rapp

Not easily. LOL. Actually, they’re awesome. When summer approaches, they actually schedule time in the day for me to write. I think that’s so sweet of them. But I’ve actually taken the last two summers off and just spent time with them because I only have 3 more years with one and 5 with the other before they’re done with high school and on to the next phase in their life. I tend to say I’m a writer from 8-4 and then my mom hat goes on until 10 pm.

Q: When you aren’t writing, what do you like to do to relax or have fun?

Sit by the pool, watch a movie, sleep, do nothing, hang with the family, spend time with friends. I’m pretty low-key. My husband and I are total opposites, so he’s the one who drags me out to be social.

Q: Do you have any advice for those who are wanting to break into the publishing world themselves?

If you have that fire and it’s something nagging at you – write. Do it. People will say the market is flooded – it is. People will say that you might not hit it big – you might not. Or you might. But I say do it for you. Write what you want, what you feel passionate about, and do it because you love it, not because you hope to hit a list or make it big. If you write because you love it, I think you’re already a success. And if you then hit a list, that’s icing on the cake.

Q: Where can we learn more about you, your work and any upcoming releases?

You can check out my website or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram. I also have a newsletter that you can subscribe to…I swear I won’t spam you.

Thank you so much for having me! I hope you enjoy TUoR!



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